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Raspberry Habanero


This in not grandma’s traditional jelly…….

The fiery Habanero is blended with local raspberries to bring you one of our favorite new sauces. Tasty glaze on chicken, pork or fish .


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Marinate skirt steak or shrimp and throw on the grill. Wisk with olive oil and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar for a tasty dressing. A favorite over cream cheese with crackers or as a topping for ice cream!

Top 12 Saucy Suggestions for Pepperheads

1. Pour over cream cheese & serve with crackers
2. Use as a dip for coconut shrimp, egg rolls or salad rolls
3. Top off a baked potato or mix in with mashed potatoes
4. Glaze salmon or meat before cooking
5. Mix with olive oil & vinegar for a tasty dressing
6. Delicious on Taco’s or Burritos
7. Mix with cream cheese and top cucumbers
8. Mix with refried beans and put on Nachos
9. Mix with sour cream and dip-roasted potatoes.
10. Put on your next quesadillas
11. Zip up your deviled eggs by adding Ginger Garlic
12. Mix with melted butter and put on Corn on the Cob

Wild Pepper Jelly flavors are perfect for that Pepperhead who needs it hotter than the usual hot. This collection of jellies are especially great as basting, barbecue and cooking sauces. 12 oz jars.

Special thank you to another small business in Oregon – Rose City Pepperheads.


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