Shopping Local online Gift Store

About Us


We are a small family owned and operated business in beautiful Eastern, Oregon. 

It’s crazy how life takes us down unknown paths and inspires new adventures. It is in our blood as fifth generation small business owners to travel down this path. We recognize the value small businesses have on our economy, leading to the importance of shopping local.

With an estimated 28 million small businesses in the United States that is a lot of shops that need our support. Support small businesses by shopping here at our gift shop or shop at a nearby business. Our products are hand picked from makers across the PNW. These small businesses and so many more like them across the U.S. employ an estimated 120 million people, per the 2010 census.  Please help keep our neighbors employed and spread the wealth.

You will not find items from Wal-Mart here, what you will find is products from multiple makers in one location. These products are made by hard working people just like us. So shopping local online supports me and my family but also many makers across the pacific northwest.